MDA Consult launches its learning transfer tools to accelerate workplace application of learning. This is based on research and piloting with our clients. It comprises an eight-step process that includes:

  • Implementation-oriented goals
  • Practical content that connects directly to the organisation workplace
  • Facilitation of workplace networks to apply the learning
  • Supporting line managers to track the impact of learning

In this way we create the conditions to apply tomorrow what you learn today ®™

MDA Consult provides consultancy and project management services to complement our training provision. Clients utilise our qualified and experienced practitioners to partner with them to design systems and policies; monitor and review performance:

1. Financial Management Projects

  • Design of Management Information Package for Monthly Monitoring
  • Costs Analysis, Strategic Financial Planning
  • Sourcing/design of financial systems for expansion, ownership change

2. HRM Projects

  • HR Policy Development, HR Administration Systems Design, TNA
  • Employee Handbook Consultancy & Provision
  • HR Data & Knowledge Management, HR Call Centre Consultancy
  • Performance Management design and review of effectiveness

3. Learning and Development Projects

  • ROI design and maintenance using MDA Consult learning transfer tools
  • Curriculum & Assessment registered writer to expand/strengthen national awards
  • Executive Coaching within the context of the business strategy